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What’s Next?

The past year and a half have been….insane….to say the least. As the world begins to open up once again, we’re all a little battle weary.

What’s next, seems to be the biggest question. While some people are excited to “get back to normal” others are wondering what normal is anymore.

It’s okay to be nervous. It’s okay to be cautious.

As I felt the leading of the Lord to create an event calendar (gasp!) starting in August through to the rest of the year…I was hesitant to say the least.

What’s next?

It’s time to come together. It’s time to heal. The future may be a struggle, but we can struggle together and lift one another up.

The vision God has for this particular body has not changed. He wants this church and it’s congregants to be a light and a help to the community. He wants this to be a safe place to come as you are, be loved on where you’re at, and learn and grow together.

We’re a small church, but God has used us in might ways and for that we are both humble and thankful.

If a small but growing church with a vision to help others and love others with God’s merciful heart is appealing to you - check us out!

One thing I would encourage you to do is to check out on of the videos of our sermons. It’s a great way to get to know our pastor’s preach style without feeling awkward walking out if it’s not for you - all you have to do is shut the video off and no ones the wiser. (That last part is said with a mix of humor and honesty!)

If you’re wondering what’s next and would love a supportive, loving community…we’re here for you!

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