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Worship Wednesday - Build Your Kingdom Here

I love worship music! My number one Christian band to listen to is Rend Collective. When I was a youth pastor I saw them lead worship at Impact Youth Conference. They led worship 2 years in a row, and I must say that I was disappointed they didn’t come back for a third year.

“Build Your Kingdom Here” is one of my favorite songs from them. One of the lines in the song says:

Unleash Your kingdom's power Reaching the near and far No force of Hell can stop Your beauty changing hearts 'Cause You made us for much more than this Awake the kingdom seed in us Fill us with the strength and love of Christ

Their words are so bold! Can you imagine if the Christian community was awakened to the desire to expand the kingdom? To realize the change can only happen because of Jesus and not ourselves? To be filled with not only Christ’s strength but His love as well?

Love is so lacking all around. You can see it everywhere you look. Sometimes in our ministries and faith walk we can forget about grace and love and focus instead on correcting things that aren’t Biblical.

I’m not saying there isn’t a place for that. We need to stand up for our faith. We just also need to remember that people need grace and kindness and love as well. A Kingdom built on fear and legalism isn’t God’s goal…so it shouldn’t be ours either.

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